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You Have No Idea Where to Start

You Are Afraid of Being Ripped Off 

You Don't Think These Women Are Real

You’re Writing to a Girl And Just Aren't Sure

You've Been Burned In The Past

You Have No Idea How This Works

You Think You Can't Afford It

Customer Testimonial #1

"I am going back in a month to seal the deal"

Dear Cory, I wanted to thank you for all your help. I was just about ready to end it with xxxx because I was pretty sure she was a scammer. Man, am I glad that I didn't. I am happy to say that my trip to Sumy went great. She was everything that she said she was and more! I am going back in a month to seal the deal and hopefully soon we will be beginning our life together here in Canada. You were right on about everything and it was great knowing what to expect. You really gave me the edge!


(name withheld at writers request)


Customer Testimonial #2

"without this lady in my life I don't know what I would do"

Dear Cory, Thank you for writing the Ukrainian Bride Guide. It has helped me to better understand the lady that I have been corresponding with and kept me from getting too paranoid and blowing everything that we have worked so hard to build. I am really indebted to you because without this lady in my life I don't know what I would do. Thank you again and thank you to your wife.



Customer Testimonial #3 (now engaged)

"I did it Cory. I fell in love! Thank you so much for your mentorship."

I think I have done everything right, so far. I asked her parents for permission to court her with the intention to marry her. They gave it. I feel like this is the best thing I have ever done for me. It was amazing. I still feel amazing. Thanks again for your friendship and guidance Cory.

Name On File But Withheld

From the desk of:

Cory Cronin

Dear Friend,

If you are entertaining the thought of pursuing a Ukrainian or Russian Mail Order Bride you are definitely one of the more intelligent men on the face of the planet these days.

You are probably sick of the dating scene. Perhaps you've been divorced or been in a few bad relationships. You've been hurt by women in the past but you have heard that Russian and Ukrainain women are kind, loving and beautiful. All of this is very true...

But few men are wise enough to look to these countries to find true and lasting love. Why? No idea! Are they scared or just lazy? You're an exception though. Most guys would settle for whoever they happen to come across. They take the easy route. But not you...

A relationship is important to you. You want someone that is going to truly love you and that you can spend your life with. This is an important decision and most guys don't give it much thought.

But think about this... how much time do most guys put into buying a car, a house or finding the right job? Why wouldn't you put more effort into finding the best possible person to spend the rest of their life with then? Why leave it up to chance? And why limit yourself to just women in your local area? Seems stupid, doesn't it?

But not you. You understand the importance of finding a suitable mate and you would go to the ends of the earth for the right woman, right? You are probably an "outside of the box" thinker and know that there has to be a better way to find a really outstanding woman.

It is only a side benefit that Ukrainain and Russian Mail Order Brides are amongst the hottest and sexiest women on the face of the planet! I know... that's an understatement!

They are hot as HELL! Sexier than any centerfold model and they work hard to stay that way. So you're not going to have to worry about her "ballooning up" after you put a ring on her finger like your friend's wives.

You're even smarter for wanting to learn as much as you possibly can about these women. You know that with the right information you can dramatically improve your chances with a Russian or Ukrainian lady.

No doubt you can understand that with the secrets inside The Ukrainian Bride Guide you can set yourself apart from 95% of all the men who are hot for the same girl you are. That's right...THE same girl you are so you better get moving! By following advice in this program you can GUARANTEE yourself success.

Government statistics can't be wrong

You have probably heard this statistic or are a part of it; that divorce rates are near or above 50%. But did you know that the INS reports that the success rate of international marriages is in the 80% range. Marriage agencies place that number closer to 90% but who's counting, right?

That very fact makes your decision to marry a beautiful woman from Ukraine or Russia a very intelligent one indeed. Now, keep on reading to find out how you can stack the odds even more firmly in your favor with one of these sexy, alluring young women. But first...

Let me start from the beginning.

My name is Cory Cronin and yes, I met my wife through an International Dating or "Mail Order Bride" website. But not before spending way too much time and money unknowingly making mistake after mistake with some really beautiful ladies... and my fair share of scammers. Yes, I am glad that I smartened up when I did and that Svetlana, my wife, was the one that I wound up with.

But it wasn’t easy….

You see, I grew attached to each and every one of the ladies that I corresponded with over the two years that I searched for the love of my life. At first things would be absolutely wonderful and a few times I was sure I had found true love.

The relationship and topics would deepen as we got to know each other…and then at some point, almost suddenly, as if someone had thrown a switch, I could feel their affection start to fade. The letters grew shorter and lacked the flirty air that they once had until eventually they would just stop writing altogether.

No more talk of bubble baths or feeding each other strawberries and cream. No more talk of moonlit walks arm in arm. No more nothing...

After being dropped by a stunning young blonde that I really thought was “The One” I was at a loss and was tired of all of it. I told myself that they were all just scammers or that they weren’t real, just like many men believe. That was until I found Svetlana.

It was a Saturday night and I remember it distinctly

I was so down and had resigned myself to the fact that chances were that I not only wasn’t going to find the love of my life in Ukraine but that chances were I would wind up spending the rest of my life alone. And I was ok with that… really I was! I sat there with my mouse pointer poised over the “delete” button on my profile when I saw Svetlana’s picture. I stopped dead in my tracks ….

She was young, blonde, shapely, very sexy and had a cute "come hither" flirty sort of look to her that I found simply irresistable. Damnit, she was HOT! "Way out of my league" hot! (or so I thought!)

My heart began to beat fast and the sadness and loss that I felt only a few minutes ago was gone. I was smitten and oh so glad that I hadn't deleted my profile!

I decided that I would give this "Mail Order Bride thing" one more try. I sent Svetlana an email and spent the rest of the night reading over her profile and finding out as much information as I could about Ukrainian and Russian women. Svetlana was my motivation for what has since become a passion of mine.

I simply couldn’t stop!

Once I got started learning about the customs and culture of Ukraine and Russia I knew I was onto something. I had been such an idiot!

There were so many things that I hadn’t even thought about and so many differences between her culture and mine that I could see exactly how and why I had screwed up with all the "Mail Order Brides" that I had started relationships with in the past.

I was obsessed

I wanted to know everything that I could about Svetlana's culture and what I found BLEW ME AWAY!! But finally everything started to make sense. I started to understand how these women think…what they were looking for…what turned them off and, more importantly, what turned them on. I had figured out that I had been doing everything wrong.

I made a pest out of myself and befriended several Russian and Ukrainian women on the internet. I told them about Svetlana and my desire to know about her country and what it was like to be Ukrainian. I wanted to make sure that I didn't screw up with her. They were touched by my genuine interest in their culture and became my greatest allies.

The insight that these women (and Svetlana, of course, who is a huge part of this book) gave me made all the difference. Finally, I began to truly understand and could see where these women were coming from... and now YOU can benefit from them too... in the form of The Ukrainian Bride Guide.

These girls are unlike any woman you have ever dated

You see, these ladies are nothing like women in your own country. The same things that might work back home just don't have the same effect with Ukrainian and Russian women... as a matter of fact, they often have the opposite effect!

Add to that the cultural differences and you will see that it is necessary to know a few secrets to guarantee that you will win one of these women's hearts.


This is Exactly the Kind of Info You Need


What Is She Thinking And Feeling?

What Are Her Fears And Why Would She Marry YOU?

What Agencies and Websites To Use To Meet More Sexy Ladies

What Agencies and Websites To Avoid Like The Plague

What Kinds of Gifts Will Show You Care and What To NEVER Give Her as a Gift. Seriously, You Need to Know This!

How To Build Your Profile So Effectively That These Hot Women Write to YOU First

5 Things You Absolutely Need To Include In Your Profile (PG 40)

Two Things To Leave Out Of Your Profile And Letters (make this mistake and you have zero chance with these women)

Step By Step How To Actually Find The Woman Of Your Dreams

What Her Profile REALLY Says (PG 50)

How To Weed Out Scammers And How To Know If You Are Being Scammed

The 3 Things That You Absolutely Need To Tell Her As Soon As Possible Before Some Other Guy Does (PG 72)

The Truth And Lies Told By Marriage Agencies...Know The Facts From Fiction

The Truth About Visiting Her And What To Expect ;)

How To Know For Sure If She Is Into You Or Not Before You Go

Customs And Culture...This Is So Important That Even If She Does Fall In Love With You, If You Don't Know These Things She Will Drop You Like A Bad Habit

The "Ins And Outs" Of Travel To Ukraine And Russia

Advice On Proposing To A Ukrainian Girl (PG 112)

How To Deal With Immigration And Make Yourself Look Like A Real Man And Get "Rock Star" Treatment. This Advice Will Save You So Much Time And Agravation That You Won't Believe It (PG 115)

EXACTLY What To Write And Say To Make You Every Ukrainian And Russian Woman's Dream Come True And Melt Their Hearts (copy and paste if you want!)


So... How Much Time and Money Are You Willing to Waste as You Try to Figure These Women Out?

How long do you plan on spinning your wheels? Don't kid yourself and think she's gonna wait. While you're trying to figure out how all of this works on your own there's a good chance that the girl of your dreams has another guy preparing to sweep her off her feet. Time is of the essence, friend.

Are you sick of having woman after woman lose interest in you because you say or do the wrong thing. Are you willing to take the chance of screwing up with a woman that might really be the one for you?

Honestly... do you really think that they're all scammers just out to get your money or a green card like all the other guys who screw up? 99% of the time it's something that you say or do that causes these women to dump a guy. I've heard it time and time again from Ukrainian and Russian women!

Do you want to spend months building a relationship only to have your heart broken and then have to start all over again? Or would you rather cut to the head of the line and eliminate that "learning curve" when it comes to Ukrainian and Russian "Mail Order Brides"?

Why not get the help of a couple of people who have been there and done it successfully?

Don't you want insight from a Real Ukrainian Lady so you can know exactly what she is thinking and feeling?

Let Me Help Save You Time, Money and Heartache...

Time - The Clock is Ticking

Do you want to spend two to five years looking for the right woman or do you want to begin living your life with the woman of your dreams as soon as possible? Are you sick and tired of being alone? You can bet that she is sick and tired of being alone and if you're fumbling around trying to figure out how all this works, well... chances are you're gonna miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime with the best thing that ever happened to you. Make your dream of a hot, sexy, younger woman a reality starting today! Don't put it off! You want and need this advice and you know it!

Money - I Am Talking About Real Money

Yes, time is money but when I say that I’m going to save you money I am talking about real money. Armed with the information in The Ukrainian Bride Guide you will never get fleeced of your hard earned cash by a scammer or needlessly waste money along the way in your journey to finding true love and happiness. I share with you ways to cut costs without compromise and how to avoid getting ripped off by those that make their living in the international marriage broker industry. You don't need to be rich so get that thought right out of your head. You'll be blown away by how easy and cheaply you can make this dream a reality!

Heartache - Nothing Hurts More Than a Broken Heart

Most guys who look for love in Ukraine or Russia wind up getting their heart broken or disappointed at least a few times... although most won't admit it. Learn how to avoid getting your heart broken by being every Ukrainian or Russian woman's dream. Do you want to know if she is into you or not (without "testing her") and if you begin to feel things start to go wrong, do you want to how to fix things before they completely destroy your relationship. But most importantly, do you want to learn how to keep from being "your own worst enemy" and destroying your relationship due to your own ignorance of what makes these beauties "tick" and the many cultural pitfalls that so many guys fall victim to unknowingly.


Honestly... Are You Ready To Know True Happiness?

Can you imagine how wonderful life really can be with one of these lovely ladies? Can you imagine what it will be like to come home every day to a beautiful woman who adores you and loves you? Close your eyes and think about it... Do you want to know the the very real and unique bliss that comes from being in a deeply loving, mutually fulfilling relationship with a sexy young lady that appreciates you and desires to make you happy... in every way?


Can You Imagine It?

Every day you come home from work and she is there to greet you... a smile upon her face... happy to see you... her man... the man of her dreams that she has wished for since she was a little girl.

Every morning you wake up and she is there with you in your bed... sunshine breaks through the window as you greet the day with the woman of your dreams... more beautiful and loving than you ever thought you would be with... a dream come true.

Can you see yourself spending quiet times drinking wine together at the end of the day… delicious home cooked meals… the companionship of a woman who is intelligent and interesting that appreciates you and respects you and wants to be your partner and best friend? A woman that you can fall in love with all over again every day for the rest of your life.

Long weekends and summer vacations... can you imagine spending the holidays with someone you really love and who really loves you? Sharing those special times with a woman that gives you a real reason to get up out of bed in the morning... a reason to greet each and every day with a smile. This doesn't have to be a dream.... it can be your daily reality.

But nobody can make it happen for you. You have to WANT to make it happen. You have to want that dream. You have to want me to help you. Do you want me to help you make your dream a reality? Just say the word and Svetlana and I are there to make it happen STARTING TODAY!!


What Are You Waiting For? Pick Up Your Copy of the Book That Will Make Your Dream a Reality Starting Today!

Over 130 pages of secrets, relationship saving techniques and KILLER ADVICE that will put you in the drivers seat with the woman of your dreams. The Ukrainian Bride Guide will help you overcome the pitfalls and obstacles that most men learn only after several years of experience with Ukrainian and Russian Mail Order Brides. Do you have years of time to waste?

All This Plus Lifetime Updates and (for a limited time only!) One on One Support for 3 Months For the Low Introductory Price of ONLY



UPDATE!! - One on One Support is only available to the next 43 5 customers! Due to overwhelming demand we will be limiting the offer for One on One Support in order to maintain our high level of customer service. Sign up NOW before this offer is removed altogether!

*The Ukrainian Bride Guide comes in downloadable Adobe .pdf format. Adobe Reader is required to read these books. Adobe Reader is installed on most pc's these days but if it isn't on your pc you can download it for free here: Adobe Reader

A Perfect Match...

I have to tell you that women from Ukraine and Russia make a perfect match for Western men. Due to the lopsided ratio of men to women (8 men to 10 women per census)... women in Russia and Ukraine value the love and attention of an good man. Competition for a marriage minded man can be fierce!

Inversely, (and you have probably experienced this yourself) slim, attractive women in Western society have their pick of available men and, for lack of a better term, tend to be spoiled. Are YOU prepared to be the one with the pick of attractive available women for a change? Just promise that you won't be come spoiled, ok?

You see, it truly is a match made in heaven and you probably didn’t know that Western men have been marrying women from Ukraine and Russia for some time.

But thanks to reasonably priced air travel, the opening of the Russian and Ukrainian borders to tourists and easy internet access, what was once a secret reserved for only rich businessmen is getting ready to take the world by storm.


Once The Secret Of Rich, Powerful Businessmen

That’s right… rich businessmen have been marrying women from Ukraine and Russia for decades. They were the only ones that had reason to travel to these countries and not so long ago you needed a visa to enter the country.

You needed a piece of paper from someone in that country that you would present along with your passport when you entered the country saying that you were going there to visit them. You couldn't just decide to book a trip to Ukraine or Russia.

But the "cat’s out of the bag" now and the number of Ukrainian and Russian women marrying western men is climbing every year as more and more men find out just how wonderful these women really are. Competition is getting fiercer. Are you really ready to compete with these other men?


Look...I'm Not Going to Waste A Lot of Your Time Here...

You know that these women are beautiful and desireable. But it's getting tougher and tougher for Western men to successfully build relationships with these women from Ukraine and Russia. Gone are the days when a slick Western businessman could roll into a city and have girls falling all over themselves to get close to him. Thanks to the internet and international marriage brokers Ukrainian and Russian Mail Order Brides have more options and more men than ever interested in them.

All hope is not lost though, my friend. All it takes is some "Intel" to give you the edge over any other guy out there... a little "insider information" in the form of The Ukrainian Bride Guide will set you apart from more than 95% of all the men that one of these beauties will ever hear from. Do you think you could be successful with odds like that? I am not kidding when I say "95%". This is a very real number. You need to be shown how to set yourself apart from the rest...

But the time to act is now. As Western women become more demanding more men are turning to Ukrainian and Russian Mail Order Brides. Most guys feel like they've found the Holy Grail or Mecca once they discover these ladies. But armed with the secrets in The Ukrainian Bride Guide you're going to stand head and shoulders above your competition... because I hate to tell you this but, chances are you DO have competition!

Seriously... You don't want to go it alone and you NEED the information in The Ukrainian Bride Guide if you ever hope to be successful with a Ukrainian or Russian Mail Order Bride.

Take a Peek at Some More of What You'll Learn When You Download Your Copy of The Ukrainian Bride Guide Today...


What You Should Do to be Sure That She is the One for You

How to Build Trust with a Mail Order Bride Before You Even Meet

The Secret To Showing Her You Care from 1000's of Miles Away

How to Overcome the Language Barrier

What These Women REALLY Want and Expect From a Man

How Being Divorced Actually Works in Your Favor

Topics That You Should Never Discuss

What She Needs to Keep the Passion Burning Before You Visit Her

Little Habits of Yours That are a Huge Turn-Off to Her



Sure...You could go it alone and try to figure these women out for yourself. You might get lucky or you may be able to figure them out after a year or two but how much is your time worth? And what if you wind up screwing things up with a woman that you really care for in the process? Would you be ok with her going off with some other guy? Are you willing to take that risk? That you might miss out on that "once in a lifetime" relationship with a real princess?



...And you could study Ukrainian and Russian culture and find yourself some willing Ukrainian and Russian women to help you understand what it's like to grow up and live in these counties. You could build a relationship with them, ask their advice and get inside their heads...but again, how much is your time worth to you? Is it worth more than the cost of a few roses for your sweetheart to learn everything that you need to know? I think so...




Wouldn't it be easier if someone already did all your "homework" for you? Wouldn't it be easier if you had immediate access to the information that will save you a year or more of your time and hundreds if not thousands of dollars of your hard earned money? That is what you have before you. A blueprint...a roadmap showing you the shortcut to a loving relationship with a woman that your friends and family are going to think is totally out of your league.


As a Thank You for Ordering Today You Will Receive These 3 Bonus Books for Free!


Free Bonus #1 - The Ukrainian Bride Guide Resource Guide

AWESOME information on how to learn Russian (some for free), cheap flights to Ukraine and Russia, where to stay when you’re there without being ripped off, tips on immigration and visas and much more.

Full of the Helpful Information That You're Looking For

This nifty guide will save you a bundle… you will save yourself several times the asking price of The Ukrainian Bride Guide. Just the information on how to call your girlfriend on the phone will earn you back the purchase price and makes The Ukrainian Bride Guide a bargain that you don't want to pass up!


Free Bonus #2 - Ukrainian Customs and Superstitions

Want to keep from screwing up both now and when you go to meet her? Want to keep from looking like a fool (or worse!) in front of your future wife, her friends and family?

You could be the hottest man she's ever seen and have all the money in the world but if you don't know these things you will be seen as nothing more than another ignorant foreigner. Unlike typical women in your own country, good looks and money will never take the place of how you make her feel.

- Learn why you should never send her a dozen roses... especially not yellow ones!

- Learn why you should never kiss her on the forehead.

- Learn why you shouldn't begin your letters with "Dear"

- and so much more!

This book will help you to keep you from the big and little mistakes that most men make. Show her that you care about her enough to learn about her customs and culture. This stuff will speak directly to her heart.

Free Bonus #3 - (For A Limited Time ONLY!) Free One-On-One Support for 3 Full Months

If you act now you will receive free one-on-one support to answer all of your questions and help you find the Ukrainian or Russian Mail Order Bride of your dreams.

For three months you can ask me and Sveta any question that you have and we will help you in any way possible to make your dream a reality.

If you want me to read over a letter, help you to write a letter or set up your profile, I am there for you.

If you think you’re being scammed and need some insight into knowing for sure, I’m there for you.

You will receive all the insight that I have gained through my own journey in hopes of helping you find the love of your life in Russia or Ukraine.

Check it out for yourself. Others charge upwards of $50-$70 an hour for their time to help you in such a personal way. I’m throwing it in for free! Why? Because I know you’re going to have questions.

I couldn’t possibly cover every scenario in the book. I know that there are going to be times when you’re going to need some personal advice or clarification on an issue. Svetlana and I want you to be successful. We want you to be happy and as in love as we are. It's that simple!

But Is It Really Worth It?

How much is it worth to you to have the relationship that you always dreamed of with a woman who truly loves you? How much is it worth to you to cut through all the garbage and gain some true insight into what it really takes to create a long lasting, loving relationship with a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian Mail Order Bride? You need to secure your place in her heart before some slick local guy or that other guy that's writing her steals her away from you...

By reading and taking to heart the advice in The Ukrainian Bride Guide you could easily save yourself months of wasted time and hundreds of dollars in unneeded expense. My question to you is, "what are you going to do with all the money you're going to save?"

We want to make this information available to every man that wants it but even if we set the price at $97 or even $197 you’re going to come out a winner.

Not only will you avoid being ripped off by scammers and marriage agencies but you will learn how to save money throughout your entire journey. You will avoiding going down "dead-ends" and know the "how" of how to win the heart of one of these lovely ladies.

If you're not really serious about these women then this isn't for you. If you just want to write to some sexy, young thing in Ukraine and you never really plan on following through then maybe Craigslist is for you.

But if you ARE serious and you DO want to be loved in every possible way by a sexy young Ukrainian or Russian Mail Order Bride then this should be a no-brainer for you.

In 5 minutes you could be finding out exactly what you need to do to melt her heart and curl her toes. It doesn't matter if it's 2 AM. You can have these secrets at your fingertips and be on your way to a life that exceeds your every dream... what are you waiting for?


Order Today!


Still Have Questions or Reservations?

Q: I already know a lot about Russian and Ukrainian women. What are you going to tell me that I don’t already know?

A: That’s a tough one to answer because I don’t know what you already know. But then again, you don’t really know what you don’t know, right? I know that I thought that I knew a lot about women in general and Ukrainian and Russian Mail Order Brides in particular at one point. But still I could never really “seal the deal” and came up empty handed more than once. That was before I got serious and really dug down into what makes these women who they are. I wanted…no, I needed to learn about who they were in a broad sense and where they were coming from before I could ever think of really connecting with them. Are you connecting with these ladies the way that you want to…the way you dream of?

Q: What makes you such an expert on Ukrainian and Russian Mail Order Brides?

A: Well, first, I don’t consider myself an expert. I think I lack the arrogance to call myself an expert and it is my belief that only those with self esteem issues label themselves with the title “expert”.

What I do have to offer is several years of experience in how to build a relationship with women who come from Ukraine and Russia. I have known Russian immigrants in my every day life (even tried dating one about 12 years ago) and my present wife is Ukrainian. So I have proven myself successful in courting a Ukrainian woman.

More importantly though, I have made just about every mistake that a man possibly can make when trying to build a relationship with a Ukrainian or Russian woman and "mail order brides" in particular. I have been taken by some clever scammers, wasted a lot of time and money with women that either weren’t serious or were just being nice to me. I’ve also screwed up with girls who were really into me. Learn from my mistakes. I don't want anyone to have to learn the hard way like I did.

Q: $47 is a lot of money for me. Do you offer any discounts?

A: Normally we don't offer any kind of discounts but for a limited time we have dropped the price of The Ukrainian Bride Guide down to 29.95. After some careful consideration Sveta and I felt that it was more important that we share this information with as many guys as possible so there could be MORE happy couples like US! I know we're nuts but we're happy!

I really don't know how long we'll keep it as this price but it is important to us that we help as many couples as possible. I want you to find a wonderful lady in Ukraine or Russia and Sveta wants the same also. There are so many ladies over there that are looking for good guys like you but the differences in culture just make it very difficult.

And there are just so many things standing in your way. You have no idea! But we don't want to be one of those things standing in your way. We don't want a measley twenty bucks to keep you from having the edge that you deserve when it comes to meeting and being successful in winning the heart of the woman of your dreams. So the price stands: 29.95!

Q: What kind of one-on-one support are you talking about anyhow?

A: After you download The Ukrainian Bride Guide you will be given instructions on how to get in touch with me if you have any questions or need any help. All support will be via email and I can help you with just about anything you need help with. If you need advice about a touchy subject that you need to discuss with your girlfriend, or you are unsure if she is really into you or if you need any help as it pertains to your relationship with your Ukrainian or Russian girlfriend, Svetlana and I are there for you.

I will say that I usually respond to most emails within a couple of hours (sometimes immediately if you catch me online) but due to time zone differences please allow up to 24 hours for me to get back to you. Sveta and I often travel over the holidays (New Years) so on those days it might take me a little longer to get back to you. But I am doing this because I want you to be successful and happy and because I stand behind our ebook.

Q: Ok…so how do I get a copy of The Ukrainian Bride Guide?

A: Easy…just click on the many buttons on this page (like the orange one below) and you will be taken to the Clickbank order page. All of your information is safe and protected by 128 bit SSL encryption. Even I don’t have access to your data!

Moments after your order is approved you will be directed to the download page where you can download your copy of The Ukrainian Bride Guide and all the bonus books in Adobe .pdf format... no matter what time of the day or night it is….7 days a week, 365 days a year. No waiting around for a book to arrive. No shipping costs. You can have access to this valuable information literally a couple of minutes from right now.

Note: *The Ukrainian Bride Guide comes in downloadable Adobe .pdf format. Adobe Reader is required to read these books. Adobe Reader is installed on most pc's these days by default but if it isn't on your pc you can download it for free here: Adobe Reader

Secure Payment and Download

We use Clickbank as our payment processor. They are a well known and trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. Your order will be approved within moments and you will be directed to our download page where you will receive your ebooks and information on the free one-on-one counseling.


ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any product within 60 days from the date of purchase. Additionally, we feel so confident that you will benefit from the information in The Ukrainian Bride Guide that we will refund your purchase price if you are not completely thrilled with the information that we have to share with you. We want to take 100% of the risk out of your purchase. We stand behind our product.



PS - Remember... you have a full 60 days to try out The Ukrainian Bride Guide and decide for yourself if it's for you. If for any reason you're not getting the desired results from these hot, sexy young women that you want just send me a quick email and I will issue you a complete refund. You see, there is absolutely no risk to you!

PSS - These methods have worked for a ton of guys just like you in your exact same position. Now many of them are married to women that most guys only dream of and you can too!

Click Here To Download Your Copy Of The Ukrainian Bride Guide Today!



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